Thursday, October 21, 2010

Shanghai IDC room several real bandwidth of more

1. Shanghai long letter: All Shanghai 160G bandwidth access, the telecommunications subsidiary holds 163 of Shanghai's total exports, the current distribution of this company all of the rooms below, Wu Sheng (Shanghai bandwidth of the core access point), Yokohama (12 House to do access, 14th floor, so IDC, 20 floor, now closed, this room has 40G bandwidth is directly connected wusheng), flowers (this room has the bandwidth 20G, 10G wusheng, 10G Yokohama) gone, (currently two 2.5G bandwidth, an access Yokohama, an access wusheng), Zhang (this room two 2.5G bandwidth, one with Yokohama, one with flowers)

2. Shanghai Hotline: (is a telecommunications tertiary) of the current Waigaoqiao Zhangjiang room, information building, wisdom Square, these rooms are three products from the engine room of bandwidth access, no couplets with wusheng and Yokohama, Currently there are two external high-bandwidth, 2G, Zhangjiang 2G bandwidth, information on building 2G, Wisdom Plaza, the bandwidth is very small, not the G.

3. Telecommunications network: (for Shanghai metro, such as general residential ADSL access, is the company responsible for the implementation) of the current Haining, National, Yun Lin, with the S & P, Fenyang, complex Chinese, and so these rooms early because of the time Therefore, a little old room facilities. And these rooms do not have couplets with wusheng and Yokohama. Yun Lin, and such room in addition to 2G with the S & P is outside the bandwidth, the bandwidth is very small other room.

4. Data: (only do line access) IDC in Shanghai over the current market, if someone want to choose room, recommended to choose a long letter of room, because the entire bandwidth of Shanghai's export control in a long letter within.

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